Why Claudia's Closet?

The Why

We are people who LOVE people! 

Claudia's Closet is more than just a fun thrift shop. Each month, we will choose a different charity to donate our proceeds to.  We are a 501c3 non-profit corporation with a board of trustees to help with decisions and weigh in on day-to-day operations. The foundations we choose to support each month are based on certain criteria then voted on by the board. If you have a charity or cause you’d like us to consider,  let us know!! Here are our basic qualifications your organization must meet for consideration:

-The organization must be directly helping humankind. This means no animal shelters, environmental organizations etc. We love our pets and our earth, but if we take care of the people who adopt our pets and care for our environment, then the trickle down affect will win.

-The funds must be going to a legitimate 501c3 charity. We can’t help individual families or people directly because it would be too hard to decide who to support and who to turn away. And also because our legal by-laws only allow this.

- No large medical research and awareness foundations. These foundations are household names that have plenty of contributors and thankfully are able to do so much good! We’d like to help ones that aren’t as popular, but are equally important.

Here are some of the organization's we've financially supported with your shopping dollars:












How can I get involved?


We need volunteers to help run this operation. The more help we have, the more help we can give. Contact us if you’d like to be a part of the volunteer team. You may have an eye for design or like to organize and sort or maybe you like to help plan events. We will need shift workers to run the store as well. Our only requirement for helping as cashier is that you enjoy people. We want every shopper that walks into Claudia’s Closet to feel welcome and comfortable. It’s a happy place to be! You may want to help once a week or once a year. It doesn’t matter to us, we’re happy to have you. Students can get community service hours for the A+ program as well.

We need your gently used donations. Without donations, we have no inventory. If you normally sell your used goods to a consignment store, please still do that first! We don’t want to take away any business from our neighbors. However, we’d love to take what they weren’t able to buy from you. 

We are currently accepting:

-small furniture

-home décor

-men, women, and children’s clothing

-jewelry and accessories


We are unable to accept dishes, major electronics or undergarments. We can help recommend places to donate these items however.

Our main goal is to use the sales of donated items to raise the funds for our monthly charities, instead of ever asking for money. However, if you live out of the area or just don't have the time to give, and would still like to help, you can always make a tax-deductible donation.  You can mail us a check or use the PayPal buttons below, for either a one-time or monthly gift to help offset our monthly operating costs and free up more funds to donate.  Monthly donations will continue for 12 months, or if you wish to discontinue them sooner, simply revisit this page and click "Unsubscribe" at any time.

We also have special community help events we dream of doing that will take extra cash to pull off, so donations are certainly appreciated and receipts will be provided.

Make a one time donation via PayPal

Monthly Donation Options (12 payments total)

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