give back while you shop!

We live in a world where most of us have an abundance of STUFF. Simplifying and purging becomes routine. When it comes time to donate your items, you want it to be convenient, and you also want your charitable tax write-off. But wouldn’t it also be nice to know exactly who, what and how YOUR donations are helping? We do too! 

That’s why Claudia’s Closet isn’t your average thrift store. Every month, the proceeds from the sales of your donations will be put toward a different charitable cause. Instead of choosing just one foundation, Claudia’s Closet will introduce the community to a broad range of organizations that are helping people. By doing this, we hope to make the impact of your donations deeper and greater. You will know how much money was donated to each organization each month and feel good knowing you were a part of it. 

But donating is just half of the fun as this will be a thrift store you want to shop at! The clothing, shoes, jewelry and home decor/small furniture will all be gently used. We will be somewhat picky on what makes it to our floor so that you know you will find something great, but still at thrift store prices.  

What do we do with what doesn’t make it to the floor? We hook up with other non-profits who have specific needs for our runoff items so we can help again and nothing gets wasted. Come be a part of a place where you can give back and shop all at the same time!

We aren't your average Thrift Store!